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Arcane compendium not updating

Further credit goes to Michael Tree, Garjon, and Zweanslord for their discoveries of the Heighten Spell, Earth Spell, and Arcane Disciple techniques. The Killer Gnome has come a long way since Snow first posted her build, and that thread is essentially a log of the characters evolution from merely solid to freakin' awesome.

Old thread: [BG] Useful Dragon Magazine Stuff Let's make this a compilation thread for all the stuff from Dragon Magazine that COers use more frequently.See also: [BG] Useful Dungeon Magazine Finds for stuff from Dungeon Magazine.Sources are important in cases of someone having access only to certain issues of Dragon.If anything like this already exists, let me know (Google or The Web Archive will have copies).This is me archiving my own damn handbook (by request) and thread.

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There's still some work to be done on reformatting the build progression tables, and I need to excise or repair dead links. Also, I somehow managed to put this in the main 3.x subforum rather than the dedicated Handbooks subforum. A summary of concepts and tricks used to create the Killer Gnome, originally brought to light by Snow Savant.

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