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Pride is classified with serious sins (Mar -22; Rom ; 2Ti 3:2). Pride was the underlying sin of Sodom (Eze -50 c/w Rom -27).

Pride is a companion of arrogance (1Sa 2:3; Pro ; Jer ; Isa ). Pride goes with lying (Psa ) and believing lies (Psa 40:4).

There are two extremes that we need to avoid concerning our image of ourselves. On one hand, popular culture teaches us that pride is a virtue, which is certainly wrong. On the other hand, some fundamentalist churches teach that self-esteem is entirely evil, which is also wrong.

A high or overweening opinion of one's own qualities, attainments, or estate, which gives rise to a feeling and attitude of superiority over and contempt for others; inordinate self-esteem.

Pride is inordinate self-esteem, not just simply an accurate self-esteem.

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Having or cherishing a high or lofty opinion of oneself; valuing oneself highly on account of one's position, rank, attainments, possessions, etc.; Usually in a bad sense: Disposed to take an attitude of superiority to and contempt for others; arrogant, haughty, overweening, supercilious. There is no such thing as "good pride" in the Bible. "Pride" is used 49 times in the Bible, only thrice in the NT, and it is always used in a bad sense. "Proud" and its variants are used 57 times in the Bible, 6 times in the NT, and it is also never used in a good sense. If you want to express your high opinion of someone else or their accomplishments, say that you are pleased with them, not proud of them. Society teaches us that pride is a virtue, not a vice. This is apparent by the "Proud to be an American" songs, shirts, and bumper stickers. If you doubt that Americans are proud people, just look at their "Proud Parent of an Honor Student" bumper stickers.

to put, set (an) esteem, a high, low esteem upon: to set a value upon, cause to be esteemed (highly, etc.). Self-esteem - Favourable appreciation or opinion of oneself. Having a realistic opinion of one's self (self-esteem) is not pride. To have pride or be proud is to have a high, lofty, or overweening opinion of one's self (see definitions above). Jesus, who is the wisdom of God (1Co ), also hates pride (Pro -13). God is against the proud (Jer -32; Jam 4:6; 1Pe 5:5). God will destroy the proud (Pro ; Pro ; Pro ; Mal 4:1). God will afflict His children to prevent them from getting proud (2Co 12:7-10). God will abase (humble) us if we become proud (Dan -37). Self-esteem is the value that a person places upon themselves. Of a person: That thinks, expects, or has an opinion, beyond what is reasonable or just; overconfident or sanguine in one's own opinion; conceited, arrogant, presumptuous, self-opinionated. Of opinion, estimate, pretension, desire, etc.: Conceited; excessive, exaggerated, too high.

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