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" to make Froggy appear, which he immediately did, in a cloud of smoke! " I didn't remember that Froggy caused a lot of mischief and caused guest lecturers to follow his lead and say silly things.

And I didn't remember any of the other characters: Midnight the Cat, Squeeky the Mouse, or the piano (I think it was Grandie). What I remembered was: "I'm Buster Brown, I live in a shoe. " When I asked Jerry Maren (who played Buster Brown on the show) for his autograph on the photo of Buster Brown, he immediately said, "That's my dog Tige, he lives in a shoe. " What memories that brought back, hearing his voice as he said it so many years ago!!

I remember that there was Froggy (I didn't remember that he was called Froggy the Gremlin).

I remember the phrase, "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!

I grew up in South Jersey and remember the old Buster Brown shoe stores with fluoroscopes and just barely can remember Froggy.

What I truly remember is my mother who when ever I would say something inappropriate would look at me and ask if I was twanging my magic twanger. One night, my husband asked me if I had a favorite toy from my childhood. Since my husband is over 8 years younger than me, he did not know about the old tv show. Pat Hi Michele, I am so glad you enjoyed the pictures. Wills-Fiss and anyone would be welcomed to email me at the address above on Froggy information..

" or something like that in one of the stories about someone who was very, very large - almost a giant. I have recently found some video and audio tapes of some of the old radio and TV shows, so I was able to see Froggy the Gremlin in action, and to see Gunga in some of the old stories.(If you are looking for videos or DVDs of the shows, one place to find them is at You Tube has a few clips of the Andy's Gang show with more than a few Froggy videos.My husband went on ebay and bought me a 5" Froggy to surprise me. See the old tattered box the big Froggy came in and note the slip of paper inside the shadow box which was also inside the tattered box. Yes, you can add them to your web page should you ever update it. Pat Fiss I received this Froggy toy as a gift from the local Methodist minister when, at age 6, I had heart surgery.I loved it, but told him my original Froggy was 10 inches, so he went back to ebay and found a 10" Froggy complete with the tattered old box it came in. My middle sister gave me the original frog for my birthday when I was little. 1944 and got it when I was 4 years old because I used to stick my tongue out at people and my sister told me to squeeze the frog instead and make him stick out his tongue so I would not get in trouble..... I thought both Froggy and the reverend were wonderful!" I guess I thought plunking his magic twanger referred to plunking on a guitar, because my children drew a picture of Froggy for me in the early 70's based upon what I told them about him, and their drawing was of a frog with a guitar.

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(See their I didn't remember Smiling Ed, or that it was he who said, "Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy!

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