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Subform not updating

Regards, Akash Additionally, I need some other dynamically updating lists within the subform to function as I scripted them too.They work fine when the subform is accessed on its own but a user will never access it on its own because that would require them to fill out the form many times to get the information I want.Regards, Akash It sounds like you are asking for subform rows to be dynamically added based on a field in the parent form.I don't believe it's possible to add a row with deluge script, but you could update existing rows with deluge script with something like the script below. I want to add rows in the Subform based on a parent's field value.I am unable to find a code snippet or a clear example on how to do this.I'm a little confused as to why when a subform is added it does not prompt you for a parent or a one-to-many-relational key to the parent form.- The same functionality or custom SQL query should also be available in the pivot report.Ideally, embedding the form let's user just press the submit button one time; isn't that what suforms are for?Hi, The scripts on sub-forms need to be defined on the subform field of the parent form as the field actions of the source form will not run when it is embedded in the parent form, please see this help page for details.

An HTML View could be used to fetch and output records in whatever layout you require.

For example, when i select a service in a dropdown in the parent, i want a fews rows be added to the subform based on the dropdown value.

Currently I am unable to craft an inner join for a report that will require said parent and child form (view) information.

Hi, The relation between the Subform and its parent form is implicit and does not need to be defined on a particular field.

I have a very simple CMR form where users can chose from a pull down list of users on the parent form.

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The idea is to have the embedded childform (containing 4 to 5 fields) dynamically update after a selection was made on the parent form.

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